In recent months, ARMORY VALENTINE has decided to move from the private gun market into the public sector.  Our ability to provide a perfect product in a timely manor is what drives almost all of our processes.   

Due to our dedication to an exceptional finished product, as well as very short lead times, we will be implementing a gradual growth business model.  In simple terms, we are going to grow at a rate that is conducive with our customer base and their approval of the product we provide them.  

We now offer Cerakote coating services to customers that require pistols, handguns, rifles, shotguns, carbines and accessories to be painted.   We do not offer pattern work (multi-cam ect.) or other custom work such as "battle-worn".   We are not interested in making your wait time unpredictable which is why we offer single color, two color and tri-color services for your firearms and accessories.   

We pride ourselves on two things:  a perfect coating, and getting your gun back to you within the agreed upon lead times.   On time, every time. 

We look forward to working with each and every one of our new customers in the public firearms industry.  If you have off-road accessories and parts, or motorcycle parts needing a strong ceramic based coating please give us an email, call or text.  When applied accurately, Cerakote can be used on many mediums and we are glad to extend that service to many other industries.